Ciro Visciano
Creativity & Design

The real "WOW!"

ENEL ENERGIA - 2021 - Social Campaign

ENELPREMIA WOW! is the loyalty program dedicated to Enel Energia customers. They can win every week coupons and discounts on high quality products and services.

But, how can we tell the loyalty program to those who do not yet know it?

We've started to think about those life moments we are forced to say "WOW" in a polite way about gifts, news or "unmissable opportunities". But we just do not appreciate them at all.
And we've created "The real WOW!". The social campaign to show that the loyalty program gives you good reasons to open your mouth and say really "WOW!".

The first part of the project is a video strategy. 4 stories about disappointment that turns into satisfaction with the ENEL PREMIA WOW! gifts.

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