Ciro Visciano
Creativity & Design

Useless objects.

ENEL ENERGIA - 2020 - Social Campaign

Enel Energia is seen by Italians as an energy company with a very solid heritage, but not as smart as it’s competitors.

This is why the brand launched Enel One: a totally digital commercial offer, that lets users manage everything through apps. No need for phone calls, waiting in line, complicated calculations or unexpected extra expenses.

But how can we show it and be relevant to Gen Z?

We created OOOPS (lit. Oggetti Oltre Ogni Possibile Sogno).
A kit of incredibly purposeless objects. These futile objects underline by paradox the characteristics of the new offer and represent the real needs of those looking for an up-to-date energy supplier.

Maiphone (lit. neverphone), the silent telephone. Calm , a calculator that doesn’t count anything. Solidanaio, the solid unbrakable piggybank. Eterna, the eternal hourglass.

In the teaser phase, the kit was presented on the brand's social pages with 30" spots and a dedicated site with details on the surreal features of the objects. The kit was also sent to tech, fashion and design influencers, creating attention for an even wider target audience.

In the reveal phase the commercial offer was finally unveiled with a dedicated video strategy that tripled visits to the landing page and got more than 20 million impressions, strengthening the brand values.

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