Ciro Visciano
Creativity & Design

Enel Energy Talks

ENEL ENERGIA - 2020 - Branded Content

In 2020, during the complex moment of the COVID-19 pandemic spread, everybody needs an extraordinary energy to move forward in their lives.
People, business companies, an entire country.

To support them, Enel - the main energy utilities player in Italy - decides to create and spread new energies.

Thus it was born “Enel Energy Talks”.
Five talents on a stage talking about five different new kinds of energies. The first inspirational series of talks dedicated to a full digital audience: the italian population during the lockdown.

A branded content made by 5 really long form video takes over the social properties of the brand.
In a total of 79 minutes the talents talking about the energy of words, digital, beauty, culture and mind.
A call to action to face change and restart together after the lockdown.

The goal: increase the brand awarness spreading the main values of Enel - closeness and professionality - to the audience.

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