Ciro Visciano
Creativity & Design

Bistrot Handmade Post

Autogrill - 2018 - Social Campaign

Bistrot is a brand created by Autogrill Group, one of the most famous italian food company.
You can find it in Italy but also in France, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Netherland, and Canada.

Bistrot's mission is about crafting and transforming raw materials and gastronomic excellences, supplied by attentive local producers, into authentic flavours .
An ambitious goal that differentiates it from competitors.

But how to communicate this difference on social networks?

We turned the ingredients of the main recipes of Bistrot menus into typographic artworks expressly prepared for the brand.
Different types of flour, polenta, fresh pasta, dough for bread and pizza, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and many other raw materials shape into messages on the social properties.
All strictly "handmade".

The artworks posted on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the brand, received over 200.000 impressions.
But that's not all. All the compositions have also been transformed into posters to decorate the restaurants snd with a QR codes customers have been able to find out more about the special ingredients of the Bistrot recipes.

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